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Adjust like a window

Move, stretch, diagonally, just like adjusting a window

illustration of size positions

parameter control

Enter numbers or quadratic formulas to directly change the size and position of the selection

parameter control bar

Precise control

Combine with the keyboard for more precise control

Omnidirectional control
Ctrl Speed × 5
Shift Speed × 10
keyboard control cursor illustration

Magnifying glass

can't see clearly? Here comes the magnifying glass

magnifying glass


OCR, or text recognition

All the text you see, should be characters

Images, e-books, bullet chat, scans, some websites, formulas, all the text you can't select, all converted into characters

OCR engines currently support (offline, Baidu, Youdao)

Offline OCR engines support custom models and dictionaries, online OCR engines support custom secret keys for their own applications

picture before ocr
OCR engine
Conversion to selectable and editable characters


With OCR (text recognition), everything you see is searchable

Don't like to use Google search engines? Customise one

Even foreign text can be translated using various engines


google iconGoogle Deepl iconDeeplbaidu iconBaidugolden mountain iconKingsoftbing iconBingcustom iconsCustomization


Fix the trimmed image on the screen, seamlessly


Infinity changes transparency

transparency icon

One-click repositioning

Return to fitted position and size

homing icon

Button penetration

Mask the window and let the mouse operate behind it

For example, here you can select and edit this text through the window without being affected by it

For example, here you can select and edit this text through the window without being affected by it

For example, here you can select and edit this text through the window without being affected by it

keys penetrate icons


Colour picker

Supports HEX, RGB, HSL, HSV, CMYK and other colour formats for copying

eyedropper screenshot

Based on color

Editing images

Simple image editing: brush, eraser, basic geometry, resizing, filters (including mosaic and blur)

Can be manipulated using the fabric.js API

image edit screenshots
brush icon

Other apps open

Not satisfied with the editor that comes with your software? You can open it temporarily in other image editors for advanced image editing

You can also open it on social media for sharing

other apps open
other apps open screenshots

Automatic search

Automatic judgement mode, when text is selected, the text is searched or translated directly, otherwise text recognition is activated and then searched. Single line of text can be searched automatically.

automatic search

Qr code scanning

Based on jsqr

qr code


Record text recognition records, can be deleted automatically


Elegant blur

Ubiquitous blurring effect for the ultimate aesthetic experience

Customisable blur intensity and transparency, which can also be switched off to save resources

screenshot screen main interface

Customization and expansion

In Settings, eSearch provides a number of customizable settings. Since eSearch is open source software that follows the GPLv3 protocol, developed based on Electron and Web technologies (HTML, CSS, js), it can be freely modified and extended, both in style and function

electron logo html5 logo css3 logo JavaScript logo


Based on Electron and web technologies (HTML, CSS, js) eSearch supports Windows, Linux, macOS and other major operating systems and platforms.

Other app edits

Not satisfied with the text editor that comes with the software? You can open it temporarily in other text editors for advanced text editing

other apps open
other apps open

Find and replace

The skills a text editor should have. Support for regular expression lookups

other app edits
other app edits

Automatically delete line breaks

Automatic typesetting by removing extra line breaks caused by text recognition (OCR)

Window copy effect provided by ding

automatically delete line breaks
automatically delete line breaks

Search for images

Use Internet engines (Baidu, Google, Yandex) to search for images with a similar location to the box

search icons in images
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